Environmental Policy


Midstates, Inc. pledges to manage our manufacturing, building and grounds, and office operations by developing and implementing best practices that conserve and reuse raw materials, energy, water, or other resources that we use in our processes. We are committed to a 100% recycling program for all paper, plastic, metal, chemical, or other resources that can be repurposed, reused, or recycled. We are committed to full compliance with all environmental, health, and safety requirements; both regulated and unregulated by law. We are committed to reducing our mark on the planet and understand that it is our corporate responsibility to reinvent our processes for never-ending improvement in reducing our environmental footprint. We will educate, learn from, and share information on our sustainability performance with, our employees, community, and external stakeholders so that our best practices may have benefits far beyond our time and place.

How green are we?

We are dedicated to reducing our carbon footprint and adapting to a sustainable world. Some things we have done:

  • 25% of our electricity comes from hydroelectric and 4% from wind
  • Offer an online proofing system, which creates fewer paper proofs and reduces shipping, paper, and machine time
  • Employ a mail consolidation strategy to effectively reduce shipping and handling times and energy consumption
  • Recycle all paper products to the tune of 7.2 million pounds per year
  • Use reusable metal ink totes so there is no waste from the container, or from residual ink being thrown away
  • Use a processless plate system so that no chemicals are used
  • Offer our customers a green solution by printing on recycled paper as well as using cold web printing to reduce energy requirements and contaminants
  • Recycle all plastic materials including plastic wrap, poly wrap, plastic bottles, etc
  • Recycle all aluminum products including printing plates and cans
  • Recycle all office papers and ink cartridges

Our ecological footprint is top of mind to Midstates, Inc. and its family of companies. Please contact us to find out how you can print green and what we're up to in the green environment.